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HD Recording: Focusrite 18i20 - USB Interface Controllers: Steinberg - CC121 - Cubase Controller Gimmicks: Korg - Kaossilator Mini Korg - Kaos Pad Mini Korg - Monotron Delay Korg - Kaoss Pad 3+ Recorders/Players: Yamaha - CDR-1000 (CD Recorder) Sony - PCM-2600 (DAT Tape Recorder) Sony - K870ES (Cassette Tape Deck) Speakers: Tannoy - System 600A (Active) Power Supply: Samson - Power Brite PB11 Software: Steinberg - Cubase Steinberg - Wavelab Spectrasonics - Stylus RMX and a wide variety of VST plugs which I don’t endorse here! Security: Imperial AT-AT Walker (battery powered!) Darth Vader Puppet
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