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The “Noontide” studio and the “Moonpop” label are located in the fourth and fifth floor of a stacked apartment. +++ The “Whitsuntide” edition of the “Precooked Munchies” EP contains a hidden track. +++ Jerome played a household noise level concert at the Aquaruim, Berlin because the director feared that sharks could jump out of their basin at higher volume. Fortunately, the gig was broadcasted on radio so listeners at home could probably hear it louder than the visitors. +++ Froese Jr. got the chance to visit the original Star Trek set at “Paramount” studios in L.A. in the mid Eighties. While his father had a business meeting, Jerome and his mother were taken on a private studio tour through the complex which isn’t open for the public (incl. sitting on Cpt. Kirks chair and a walk on the beamers). +++ The song “Melrose” was accompanied by a videoclip in silent movie style with Edgar, Jerome and Linda as comedy actors in three scenes. The video was directed by Kevin Jarre the adoptive half-brother of Jean Michel Jarre. +++ That famous german photographer “Jim Rakete” played a saloon cowboy in that videoclip as well. +++ TD’s 1991 album “Rockoon” was also listed in Billboard’s Jazz charts. +++ Edgar & Jerome did never travel to the Grammy awards in all the five years, when they were nominated. +++ That “Rockoon” was the last regular TD release on vinyl. +++ “The Private Music of Tangerine Dream” compilation was the best selling TD release while they were signed on Private Music. +++ TD’s official Fanclub did count more than 1000 members in late 1991. Quite a few years before internet and social networks became popular. +++ Jerome and Paul (Haslinger) already emailed each other in the late eighties with an acoustic coupler and a transfer rate of 2400 Baud. +++ Edgar and Jerome were in the “Grammy” voting committee for several years. Oh, by the way NARAS askes all it’s members to vote by artisic form and not by commercial success. No joke! +++ Zlatko Perica was a schoolmate of Jerome from 1983 - 85 in Switzerland.
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