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At first, the record company wasn’t interested in the “Dream Mixes” material so they only paid an ridiculous advance for the first part of something which later became one of the most successful release series by TD. +++ The Italian record company did send an armed bodyguard while TD visited Italy for a promotion tour. Strange situation, cause nobody recognized the band as celebrities in the public. +++ Two young guys from Virgin, UK were interested in a total new collaboration with TD at that time including the setup of a network between new hip electronic UK acts and TD. Unfortunately, due to job cuts at Virgin, UK in 1995/96 these ideas were discarded and the new chief in that department hated electronic music. The only release which became reality was the boxset “Tangents” in 1994. +++ The live album “Tournado” from 1997 is cutted together from four different concerts but without any overdubs, promised! +++ The “Das Mädchen auf der Treppe” promotion single from Virgin, Germany was never sold through shops and therefore it is one of the most expensive collectors items. +++ Most of the computer animations on “Luminous Visions” are from the 1970’s. You won’t believe this until you get informed by the credits at the end of the DVD. +++ Every Dream Mixes album (except part 1) contains a “Drum n’ Bass” style track, which is a musical passion from Jerome since 1995. +++ TD guest guitarist Marc Hornby did play guitars on several albums from UK based gothic rock pioneers “The Mission”. +++ The 12CD “Dream Dice” box set in 1998 was the key release for TD to start their own label TDI Music. After that, TD has turned away from Major record companies and succesfully established their business through the internet. +++ The covers for the releases “Tournado” and “Dream Mixes II” were not made on the computer but rather with scraps out of newspapers and magazines.
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