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TD got invited to play at the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno right after their 1992 USA tour but due to the fact that everything has to be played 100 percent live, it was not allowed to use the Atari ST computers or other sequencing units on the show. +++ The mayor of Berlin “Eberhard Diepgen” fell asleep during the performance of the “Topping Out Ceremony” show which made the Japanese CEO Norio Oga of Sony look quite angry, cause he came all the way from Tokyo to Berlin. +++ “Mars Polaris” was the most successful album from TDI Music. It managed to reach the Top Twenty of Billboard’s instrumental charts in 1999 and was also officially supported by the NASA. +++ NASA’s Polar Lander has never reached the planet Mars. The lander failed to reestablish communication with Earth. It was determined the most likely cause of the mishap was an improperly ceased engine firing prior to the lander touching the surface, causing the lander to impact at a high velocity. +++ Merchandise T-shirts on TD’s 1997 tour were available in three colors (blue, orange and green). After the crew did regonize that green shirts did not sell as good as the other’s, they had the idea to wear those by themselves while selling the goods. And shortly after that “green” shirts became the bestseller. +++ The cover pictures on the DM III vinyls are shots from the garden at TD’s studio in Austria, a blue illumed staircase at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and a picture that was shot by Jerome while driving his car at night through “Kreuzberg” (District of Berlin). +++ DM III cover is a closeup photo of TD’s studio heating controller. +++ First, the subtitle of DM III should have been “The past thousand moons” but then Jerome & Edgar did realize that it sounds too snooty and so they changed it to “The past hundred moons” to remain modest. +++ The U.S. Armed Forces launched “Operation Enduring Freedom” during the two “Inferno” show premieres on October 7th, 2001. +++ All “Astoria” EP’s were handnumbered by a guy from Finland who did work for TDI Music as a freelancer from time to time.  Jerome unsuccessfully tried to please him with Donuts.
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