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“Three Phase” was only filmed on location at the “Paramount Theater” in Seattle, WA. All vintage footage were taken from the TD’s private film archive (mostly Super 8 transfers). +++ As a child, Jerome often drove to Berlin’s “Tegel” airport by bus cause it was the only place that had an amusement arcade with a “Black Hole” pinball machine and the video games “Galaxians”, “Phoenix”, “Lunar Lander” and “Galaga”. +++ In 1995 an Italian company produced a complete fully packed interactive Multimedia CD-ROM which was an inclosure for one issue of a glossy music magazine from Italy. +++ Between the two “Inferno” shows in Nideggen, Jerome took his car and made a quick side-trip to the Netherlands for eating some French Fries with Peanut sauce, which is available like gold dust in Germany. ;-) +++ In 1998 a company did offer a seven-digit amount for the perpetual rights on the TDI catalogue, which Edgar & Jerome did reject. +++ The “Tempodom” was initially located in a big circus tent in Berlin, Kreuzberg. In mid of the Eighties the “Tempodrom” moved into the center of Berlin’s green lung “Tiergarten” not far away from the “Reichstag”. It was a very unique concert location and Jerome saw quite a few good acts there, like Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1988. +++ The “Tempodrom” has a public wellness area called “Liquidrom” were you can listen to music underwater. +++ Cover’s of the first two TDJ Rome 12” show: A photo taken by Jerome while flying over Greenland en route to L.A. and a newspaper cartoon on a broken flatbed scanner. Cover on third TDJ Rome 12” is japanese adult actress “Bunko Kanazawa” (taking a bow). +++ All photos on the front cover of “Unpleasant Poems” are from Jerome’s mother Monique Froese. +++ All 111 copies of the“Rapid Eye Movement” EP were sold at Jerome’s record release gig in London. The track has never appeared on any other official release since then. +++ Former TD member Chris Franke was a computer game freak as well. He and Jerome sometimes played Pac Man for several hours in restaurants after the TD gigs in the Eighties. He also owned an Apple II computer with a selection of the finest games available at that time.
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