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are: Jerome Froese, Robert Waters and Johannes Schmoelling  LIVE ON STAGE on October 15th 2011 at E-Live Festival in Oirschot (near Eindhoven), NL  Some things in life will never happen but sometimes things become reality contrary to expectations!  Johannes Schmoelling and Jerome Froese are well known to the public as longtime key members of electronic legend „Tangerine Dream“ and for their highly rated solo albums. Robert Waters already did a remix (in collaboration with Ulrich Schnauss) for the reissue of Johannes Schmoelling's solo album „White Out“ a few years ago and is one of Berlin's busiest producers. The idea to collaborate already came up in late 2008 but due to a lot of issues it came to a standstill several times. But finally things have changed fundamentally a few months ago when Jerome asked Johannes for a co-op on his next solo album called „Far side of the face“ which turnend out to be a very fruitful experience. Very long live abstinences by Jerome & Johannes and a lot of gig requests from outside have made up their mind to join the forces and serve the fans with a show that will contain their finest Solo & TD classics + totally new material including some musical surprises.   If you plan to attend only one gig this year, let it be this one!! TICKETS:
In addition to the regular merchandise selection our plans are to offer you a CD with three new tracks by Jerome, Johannes & Robert (details to follow!). According to that it’s possible that the guys will bring along more stuff for your enjoyment ... :-) WEBSITE UPDATE LOG  AREA			UPDATED  HOME:		  	12/05/2011 NEWS:		  	14/06/2011 BIOGRAPHY:	  	12/05/2011 DISCOGRAPHY: 	01/06/2011 MEDIA:			12/05/2011 GALLERY:		21/05/2011 GEAR:			12/05/2011 LIVE:			19/05/2011 SHOP:			01/01/2011 LINKS:			12/05/2011 CONTACT:		12/05/2011  Website online since: 	12/05/2011 available now! BUY BUY
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